How to get the most out of your eLearning Sessions

A look at some successful organisational and planning strategies you can implement in your eLearning sessions to make them more purposeful and productive. Here what other teachers are doing and what tips and tricks you can add to your teaching toolkit.

Learning Activity + Clearly defined Success Criteria + Skills Teaching + Appropriate Tool + ICT Systems


  1. BREAK UP SESSION - split class into 2 or 3. Similar to reading/numeracy rotation have tasks/activities chn can do when not working with the teacher on the computers. Groups rotate and have a turn at the 2 or 3 activities.
  2. BUDDY UP - cross grouping of students to work together, be careful to match students who will work well together
  3. STEPS TO SUCCESS - Help sheets that enable students to be successful - these scaffold and step through the skills based (see Viv for examples of text based)
  4. STOP & DROP (or eyes and toes) - to gain attention from students while working

write well structured eLearning WALTs and Success Criteria

We will know we have been successful when:
  • the focus is on the learning skill (eg. retell a Maori legend) - this will be usually linked to curriculum?
  • the ICT tool/product is mentioned last (eg. digital story)

Maori Legends Movie Project WALT