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Wikis vs Blogs:

Discussion points from video:
  • Security of wikis
  • Blogging interactions
  • Open vs Closed

Some good analogies of differences to be found here:

Features of Blogs and Wiki


  • like a webpage - this is on a wiki!
  • may be more static & unchanging
  • organised by links to other wiki pages or other websites
  • typically knowledge sharing
  • Collaboration based
  • can upload photos and documents
  • can embed videos (eg from YouTube)
    but have to have already uploaded them
  • great for collaboration - multiple authors can work on pieces of work or projects on the wiki - even if they live in different countries! Allows for team work on writing projects.
  • can create separate pages
  • can track changes made and revert back to older versions if changes are not liked
  • can be made so others cannot edit or change content on pages
  • Audience can be invited to contribute and write on pages
  • Discussion area allows for threaded conversations
  • flexible structure
  • regularly updated
  • reverse chronological order
  • typically opinion sharing
  • Conversation based
  • can upload photos and videos
  • can embed content from other sites
  • can get cluttered with lots of content
  • tends to be authored by individuals or small groups
  • Audience re viewers only and participate via comments
  • Great for sharing news and keeping parents up to date with learning activities

Examples to browse: