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A closer look at digital storytelling
Many of our students are involved in digital storytelling and making movies as part of their Inquiry topics. This workshop will take a closer look at the digital storytelling process students should be involved in before they use any technology to put together their movie at a computer. A list of over 50 different ways/tools for digital storytelling will also be shared.

Elements of a Digital Story

    • Overall Purpose of the Story
    • Narrator’s Point of View
    • Choice of Content
    • Clarity of Voice
    • Pacing of the Narrative
    • Meaningful Soundtrack that suits the mood/atmosphere being created
    • Quality of the Images - either photographed or child created
    • Transitions that suit the mood/atmopshere (if required)
    • Good Grammar and Language Usage

  • The digital Storytelling Process

  • Nelson Central Staff co-constructed digital storytelling cycles:

  • Digital_storytelling_cycle_001.jpg

  • Digital_storytelling_cycle_004.jpg

  • Digital_storytelling_cycle_002.jpg

  • Digital_storytelling_cycle_003.jpg

  • Examples of Storyboards

  • 50 Ways to tell a Digital Story