Cybersafety & our students

Wednesday 5th August
A closer look at cybersafety, the reality and the dangers, as well as the conversations and teaching we need to be having/doing with our students to sensibly educate them about it.

Cybersafety Videos:

You never know

Danger of posting online

See here and here if you really want to see the worst case scenarios!
Think before you upload:
Know the rules

Be safer online

Internet Safety Presentation (thanks to Tom McGee)

To check out:
We'll be spending some time taking a look at the following general Internet Safety sites.
Both are fun and interactive :)

Online & Interactive Games for Students:

NCS Teacher Check - Blogging & Cybersafety:

attention.pngDo you KNOW who the students are in your class that DO NOT have parental permission to have their images online? (eg. on class blog etc)
What about new students who have enrolled in your class partway through the year?

Do your students KNOW not to use their last name (ever!) on the blogs/online?

Do you have your blogging rules/responsibilities in place for this year? (co-constructed with your class?) If so, do others know about and respect these? (eg. parents not leaving last names on comments etc)
See here if you still need to develop some.

Have you READ our school cybersafety agreement? Do you understand how it impacts both yourself and your students?

Other Important Links to check out for resources:

(thanks to Suzie Vespers' wiki for the above)