Wednesday 9th September 09
Blogging re-examined
This workshop will involve examining your class blog, reflecting upon and analysing it in terms of purpose and community. Commenting, additional ideas, tips and where to next will also be discussed. Do you know what makes an effective class blog? Gain some ideas to make improvements and keep the standard high.
Bring along your computer to ensure you can make use of this valuable time.


attention.pngCan a first time visitor to your class blog tell from the home page what the purpose of your blog is?
Work with a buddy or in 3's to look at each others' class blogs and critically analyse the first blog page reviewing this question.

What changes can you make as a result of this analysis?

Does your blog at the moment have a theme?


  • Students create the content!
  • If photos/images are used attribute back to the website - no difference to copying text from websites
  • Better still use Creative Commons licenced images eg) (these still need to be attributed)
  • or alternatively MAKE your own images - photos of drawings/artwork, Kidpix/Tux Paint, Photographs etc.

What makes an effective class blog?


  • Reminder to use the "Name/URL" option instead of choosing anonymous (see instructions below)
  • No last name rule on the blog extends to parents too - are yours aware of this?
  • Student "How to comment" guide (current website - will be updated when new website launched & a parents one sent home also). These would be useful to display in your class.

  • Procedural Writing Task: Room 9, Year 2 Students: How to make a comment on our class blog
These were published by a parent and sent home to students:


  • Naming issues - first names only, do your students know this?
  • Photos - do all your students have permission? what about students in the background of photos?
  • Comments - ensure you moderate these carefully and read the entire comment before publishing online
  • Parent comments - do parents know not to leave their last name on comments?
  • Class Blogging Guidelines: have you established these for the year? where are they displayed?
  • Blogging guidelines with a human rights lens - how could you change blogging rules into rights and responsibilities?

Further Ideas and Examples