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Putting Kidpix and Kidspiration Images on Blog

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Blogging Literacy Cycle

How to keep blogs current

Mashup of Ideas from Staff Meeting 30th April 2007

  • use ICT time you_blog_dont_you.jpgchildren can make a posting
  • use skilled/capable parent help
  • have a "blog monitor" and/or an "ict monitor"
  • use buddy time - to share blogs and make posts
  • fast finishers can make a posting
  • display photos of quality work on blog - students can take photos
  • choose one thing each week to report on - can be teacher or child chosen - best or most exciting thing
  • set aside a regular weekly time to "blog"
  • have a permanent computer available for children - already set up in classroom
  • can use alpha smarts to get children to do typing - can upload to blog later in class or ICT time
  • children taking ownership - posting under their own names (add students as "blog authors" under Settings>Permissions in Blogger)
  • have digital camera handy to "capture moments" and use with blog posts - train chn to take photos)
  • timetable for "writing time" on blog - students can write independently while others are writing in their books
  • add students names (that wrote the post) as "labels" and display the labels down the sidebar - this acts as mini personal blogs - see here for an example (look in sidebar) - note only write name eg. "Jonti" not "By Jonti" for labels - you can then add the labels to the sidebar: Layout>Page Elements>Add a Page Element>Labels (scroll down to find)
  • less is more: don't get bogged down with adding too many photos
  • could get students to update during lunchtimes
  • use data projector in class and have students working: whole class can monitor what's being added
  • have a class monitor responsible for the blog (or one part of it) on a daily/weekly basis
  • make help notes for children and display them near computer or on a part of the blog - explaining how do do things eg) add a picture
  • have specific, regular, short workshops to upskill in blogging - focusing on one area only
  • could host extra photos of events on Flickr see this site and this site for examples of a class Flickr pages (be careful chn have permission slips signed)
  • invite some students with home email/internet access to write on the blog from home under their name (Settings>Permissions>add blog author - enter their email address)
  • have students work published asap so it is motivational - internet publishing via blogs is instant
  • students can take ownership of class blog and decide what displays/work etc should go on there
  • have a timetable so students can be responsible for updating - use class writing time or ICT time for example
  • Use a Clustr Map and a Hit Counter to motivate your students and convince them that they are writing for a worldwide, real audience.