Wednesday 12th August
Audio on your blog

sound.JPGThis session will look at some quick and easy tools your students can use to independently (yes, even juniors) record a very simple online audio/voice file that can be simply embedded onto your blog or wiki.Bring your computer along to have a go too!

A podcast is sort of like an online radio show, except the listeners get to decide when and where they want to listen.
The term "podcast" stands for Portable On-Demand Broadcast. And you DON"T NEED an iPod to listen to or create a podcast!

An audio file published to the web does not qualify as a podcast. A podcast consists of an audio file (typically MP3 format) published to the web PLUS an RSS feed (XML file). The RSS feed allows listeners to subscribe to the podcast and to automatically receive new episodes in a special type of RSS reader called a podcatcher.

If you enjoy this activity and find it useful for enhancing the Oral Language in your classroom then we may like to revisit "podcasting" in a future techie brekie.

Audio files on your blog:

The real work lies in planning, writing, editing, developing quality content and rehearsing.
Just as blogging begins with reading, making audio files should begin with listening.

The tools to get a simple audio file on your blog:

EASILY record your audio/sound and then embed a player onto your blog or wiki.
Even a 5 year old (or younger) could do this!!!
You can use the service even without signing up.

Classroom example:
(we plugged in an external mic to get the quality higher)

  • plug in a mic for better results
  • click "post on the Internet" and copy the "HTML code" to paste onto your blog/wiki.


Collaborative Activity - with your buddy, contribute to this wallwisher by adding a sticky note with your ideas on how you could use vocaroo in the classroom

NCS Teachers' Ideas:


This fun tool will add a moving mouth to your voice file. Good for occasional & novelty use :)

What to just have some fun making a picture “talk?" Try Blabberize! This site allows you to upload a photo, add sound, and animate the mouth so it looks as though the subject is talking. It’s best to upload a picture (jpg, gif, png, or bitmap) in which the subject is facing forward. You then select and position the mouth, click the microphone, and add your message. Then save the file and send it to your friends. Log in as a guest so that you don’t need to create an account.
TIP: It’s best to use a picture in which the subject’s mouth is closed.

School Example thanks to dschool:

Remember to consider where students get their photos from if using Blabberizer - are they copyright free images???
- see here for more.

Voicethread would also be an excellent tool


Other alternatives:

Upload voice files to:
Make a voice blog and embed the widget:

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Image: 'Toy sampling megaphone'