This is a quick and easy tool you can use to create 30 sec fun and funky digital stories.steps_animoto.png
  • To see an overview of what animoto is/does, check out the movie on this page.
  • To see a good example of animoto in action in education see the 3rd video down (about bullying) on this page.

Go to

We have a staff account which you can log in under -
password: same as teacher log ons on computer (including first letter capitalisation)

To start, click on the "create video" button on the top left.


You will be taken to the upload page.
After choosing "Animoto Short" you can upload 10 - 20 of your own photos from your computer to be used in the movie.

After your photos are uploaded, click the continue button to select your music/audio


You will be taken to the music page.
You can choose some of their copyright free music or upload your own.
If you use a digital voice recording first convert it to mp3 format using this site - then you'll be able to upload the audio as music.

After naming your audio, click "Save and Continue"

After rendering you can watch your video.
You can also remix it if you want to have a slightly different version.
When you are all happy go to the next step.

Finalising & Uploading to your blog

When your video is all finished click on the push pin icon and press the "Embed" tab.

Now click on the "other sites" button to get the HTML code

Copy the code (Ctrl + C) and then Paste (Ctrl + V) it into your post in Blogger!

Publish your blog post and enjoy your animoto video :)