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For more indepth explanation click on these links: Wikipedia or QR stuff site
Or scan these codes to go to sites:
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Common way QR codes are read - using cell phone with a QR reader app. The phone app reads the code and deciphers it into a link which you can click on and it takes you to the site:
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Before proceeding with ideas for use in education let's heed the following warning:

WHAT DO YOU NEED?: A QR code generator and a QR code reader.
Link to one good online generator:
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A good QR reader for on computers (with a webcam):
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Or go to your phones marketplace and download a free QR Reader app.

Treasure Hunt: here is a treasure hunt generator
Treasure Hunt Generator.jpg

Download Math Treasure Hunts Below

Listening Post: Children scan code in order to listen/watch a story

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Display on Door or in Office: Policies and Procedures/Classroom Ideology or Rules on Class Door/ Notices on Door while parents wait for bell/

Listening Post: Children scan code in order to listen/watch a story. Download the document below for a free set of QR Code Listening Centre Stories

Book Reviews: Children write their own book review and then paste the QR code to a picture of the front cover. Download a template below to help students write their review

Display work with more indepth coverage that cannot be displayed on wall eg: Wall displays topic of Streamlife. QR code directs to a Youtube clip showing your class visit to stream

Report Cards: QR codes lead to online work or video of child to give example of work over year

Te Reo and other Languages: items around the classroom could have a code on them which links to someone saying the item in Te Reo or other language. EG: a chair could have a code on it, when the child scans they can hear "turu" pronounced correctly.

New Entrant Teachers could have card with photo name and video to give out on Kindy visits or Introduction to School nights. QR code can allow parents to "hear" from you by linking to a video of new entrant teacher sharing their love for new entrants and goals in leading them into school etc etc. Can help familiarise parents and help them connect. Also allows parents to do this in discretion of home.


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