Thought for the day- 'Only dead fish swim with the stream.'


The purpose of today's session is to-

  • Inspire

  • Provide vision

  • Deepen understanding

  • To blow apart the myth that ICT/eLearning encourages solitary engagement on a computer, thus producing pasty-faced children with no social skills what-so-ever!

We will achieve this by-

Watching two short films created by students at Newmarket Primary in Auckland, followed by the 'Director's Cut'.

Think about-

  • The clear links to the NZ Curriculum

  • The development of Key Competencies

  • The ICT tools as a tool for communicating a message

  • The planning process as a teacher

  • The role of 'teacher as facilitator'

  • What resources would you need to achieve a task like these films?

  • What could be achievable at your level?