2008 Techie Brekie Schedule

Wed 14th May (Week 2) - Creating cloze activities using forms in Word

Wed 21 May (Week 3) - A refresher course in Movie Maker with Tim

Wed 28th May (Week 4) - What's Kowhai up to - ideas and tasters with Tania

Wednesday June 4th - Wikispaces - the how
  • bring your questions and queries about your wikispaces wiki and we will attempt to solve them (particularly suited to staff that have already started playing in this area and have already created a wiki)
  • ensure you know your login and password details
  • we'll also discuss what your intentions are for using your wiki - we want to use it for more than just a display space!

Wednesday June 11th - Sharing Student work - putting PowerPoint shows on your wiki or blog (Tim)
  • how to share the powerpoint presentations your students have done on your class/individual blog or wiki
  • bring/have access to a completed PowerPoint show so we can do the practical

Wednesday June 18th - Using "Comic Life" software & examples of use in topic, inquiry & literacy (Tania & Rachel)
  • how to use the amazing comic life software on the macs
  • ideas for the use of comic life to enhance and share student learning in topic, inquiry & literacy

Wednesday June 25th - Using Kidpix for animation
showcasing the three main options you have for using kidpix to animate - the easy, the slightly harder and the complex

Wednesday 6th August -
Animoto - a fun and easy way to make a 30 sec digital story
Bring your laptops & 10 - 12 photos to have a go. (Rachel)

Wednesday 13th August -
Working with Digital Photos -
Cropping, resizing and adding simple effects to your photos using a programme that is preinstalled on your PC. Bring your laptop. (Tania)

Wednesday 20th August -
Using the Movie Camera (HD) -
Basic instruction on how to operate, use and upload footage from the new movie camera [this seems the best one to use for simplicity of use and ease of editing footage] (Tim)

Wednesday 27th August -
Getting more out of Inspiration
Ideas for how to use Inspiration software for more than simple bubble maps - these ideas should tie nicely into writing and Inquiry topics and allow students to take extend their thinking by making use of some thinking maps too. (Tania & Rachel)

Wednesday 3rd SeptemberSound System Training - in hall (Tim)
Come and learn how to set up and use the hall sound system (mic, with computer, CD player etc). Will be useful if your class or syndicate plans on using the hall during the rest of this year. Bring some paper and pen to write your own interpretation of the instructions (so you can remember them!)

Wednesday 10th SeptemberEeePC Exploration & Training - Room 4 (Roger)
Central has just purchased several of these nifty teeny-tiny computers (called EeePCs).Come along and have an explore, see what they can do, how they work, and how they might be useful to use in your classroom next term.

Wednesday 17th SeptemberGoogle & Inquiry at Central - Room 4 (Kahikatea Syndicate)
Kahikatea syndicate will share some of the neat ways they've used ICT to integrate and enhance their Inquiry topics this term. Spotlights will be use of Google info/reference searching, google image searching and others including a talk on the use of Google Earth/Google Maps.

Wednesday 29th October (Week 3)
Having fun with Vokis! - Rachel
Bring your laptop to view and hopefully make one of these neat talking avatars & get some ideas for how you could use them with your class. Also great to involve & include students who do not have photo permissions. Lots of fun!

Wednesday 5th November (Week 4)
Report Writing using MUSAC/Classroom Manager - Freya
This year's report format will look slightly different so bring your laptop and make sure you know how to get your reports done in Weeks 5 & 6's release time.

Wednesday 12th November (Week 5)
Voicethread & Digital Storytelling - Rachel & Tania
Voicethread brings a photo, picture or image to life. This awesome web2 tool is a MUST for use in the classroom. It has soooo many uses and implications for digital storytelling & sharing learning about your Inquiry topic. Great for any age level and an excellent easy alternative to using MovieMaker.

Wednesday 19th November (Week 6)
"Googling" Skills - Rachel & Tim
Top tips for teachers and students to be able to 'google' effectively to get the best most relevant information. Pick up tips and tricks that you can teach your class so they get better search results for their inquiry topics. Bring your laptops.